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amanda root, amlie, angelina ballerina, anne elliot, arrested development, audrey hepburn, black books, breakfast at tiffany's, calamity jane, captain wentworth, cate blanchett, catherine morland, children's tv, cinderella, costume dramas, david brent, dawn tinsley, edward ferrars, elinor dashwood, emma, emma woodhouse, fanny price, film, funny face, gene kelly, gosford park, hey arnold, high school musical, high society, holly's heroes, illustrations, jane austen, jane powell, jed bartlett, jim halpert, john thornton, josiah bartlett, juno, mansfield park, margaret hale, marianne dashwood, mary poppins, much ado about nothing, musicals, north and south, northanger abbey, oscar and lucinda, pam beesley, period dramas, persuasion, pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility, seven brides, shakespeare, singing in the rain, spirited away, television, the muppet show, the office, the stig, the west wing, tim canterbury, top gear, tv, twelfth night
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